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Old Lover's House

Old Lover's House
    by Jewel Kilcher and Steve Poltz
        Tabbed by Mike Carmona - The Dreaming Angel


       4x          4x           4x         4x








C    : x32010

C+12 : x32013

D    : xx0232  toggle w/ 

Dsus2: xx0230

Bb   : xx3331

Dm   : xx0231     

A    : x02220     

C+12 (faint 1 strum 2nd. time)


B: x24432

A: x02220


C: x32010

Am: x02210

Dm: xxx0231

D (faint 1 strum)


Verse 1

I drove by my old lover's house last night at 3 A.M.

Her car was parked next to his so I just honked my horn.


Well, I'm looking...for something new...something like you.

And I'am wondering what I should do...are you in the mood?

Verse 2

Last night I had a fantasy; you knocked upon my door.

Your lips were so familar; you reached into my car.

Chorus: But, ...



 Bm                    A  

Yellow Street Lamps... light the night 

 Bm                    A 

Lonely Street corners ... sob and cry

 Bm                A 

The car is silent...I can hear my thoughts

 C        Am

My belly's full

       Dm              D(faint 1 strum)

But my heart is not

Verse 3

I fell to my knees in front of the bathroom mirror

My eyes were as hollow as the 6 O'clock news.


Well, ...


I drove by my old lover's house last night at 3 A.M.



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