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Love Me Just Leave Me Alone

Love Me Just Leave Me Alone
    by Jewel Kilcher
	Tabbed by Jeff Kokosinski

1)Open D or Db tuning DADF#AD or DbAbDbFAbDb
D:      000000
Dsus:   020100
G:      555555
A:      777777
intro:d-dsus-d-dsus (toggle the two chords as in anything listen along while
you learn to play and youll get the feel of the song.
D(toggle w dsus) I saw you standing there
G barbed wire in your pocket (someones brain popped as)
D you were combing barbed wire through your hair
A you thought I didn't notice
A the skin on your teeth had a
D tear
D to make me notice you started to shout
G then all your midgets started flapping your tiny arms all
D about
A they said youre a wise man when did they teach wise men to
D pout
and so on for the verses
A what's the mater
A did your love need a home?
G alright then
D love me just leave me alone
riff( diff than the way Jewel plays it but same notes I think)
those 3's may be 0's I dont have guitar with me sorry try both
that's about it for that one


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