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Chime Bells

Chime Bells
    by Jewel
        Tabbed by Michelle Kady and Buster Payne

A:       x02220
A7:     x02020
E:       022100
E7:     020100
D:       xx0232

  Toggle back and forth between the A and A7 and E and E7 to accent it the way
  Jewel does.  Below, when I've written 'A' swich back and forth between A and
  The same goes for E.

  A                              E 
Up on a mountian so gay and so free... heh heh
there is a young man waiting there for me.
I know in this lake we're drifting with the tide and  
[we'll] hear those chime bells ring.

                                       E   <--change to E towards the begining
of yodel.
Chime Bells are ringing...((yodel))
                                                A  <--change to A towards the
end of yodel.
Mocking birds are singing...((yodel))
Hush little lover...((yodel))
Upon a summers eve...

((long yodel))

Well, the moon beams were shining 
                    ((stop playing, and slap your hand [quietly] over the 
                      guitar to mute the strings..then pucker up!))
as I kissed him there........... <<KISS>>
The birds were singing and feelin'
a bit of 'e  yeah, yeah.  ((??))
Hey little star, well, they twinkle upon the AM
Heaven will be smiling...



1(Faster Yodel)....faster?

2(FASTER YODEL)....faster??


((More yodeling))


Chords: This is very simple. It's by far the simpliest thing I've ever
        seen Jewel do...(That is, as far as guitar work goes) Her VOICE,
        on the other hand, COMPLETELY makes up for the "bland" guitar chords.
        ((Did I just say "bland"? How can you even call THAT bland?? 
        She truly is amazing.))

Chord Progression:
     (Verse)      A - E (X4) then play A (X1)

     (Chorus)    D - A - E - A (X2)

In the "faster yodel" (#1) She YODELS faster but her guitar tempo does
not change. It DOES change in FASTER YODEL (#2), so adjust your tempo.
And in FASTEST YODEL (#3) obviously, she stops playing the guitar.
When she starts back up again...((More yodeling))...shes using the same 
chord progression as the chorus.

            Hope this hasn't completely confused you!! I tried!
            E-mail me with questions or comments:



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