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Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation 
    by Jewel
        Transcribed by Kyle (

Standard Tuning:
E5=022xxx     G6=3x2000
A5=577xxx     Cmaj7=x32000
B5=x244xx     Em(add 9)/D=x65000
Am=x02210     Am9=x05500
Em=022000     Em/B=x22000
Bm=x24432     Csus2=x35533
C=x32010      Dsus=xx0233
G=320001      G/B=x20001
B=x24442      C(add2)=x30010
D=xx0232      D7sus=xx0213

Intro: E5-A5-E5-B5
Em                      Am
Running fast through a fairy tale
Dark woods; starless night 
Feel cold air in my lungs
Em             Am 
Full moon, u follow me-u say
Em                 Bm
"Why do hearts so often stray?"
C   G                 D
U pierce me like an arrow 
              Am         C
Beneath the blanket of night
     G         D         B
Longing for flight 

Em         G6    Cmaj7
When u fall into me
It feels so sweet, like dreaming
Em           G6     Cmaj7   
Press yourself into me
Let me feel your breathing
Em          G6             Cmaj7
There's a voice in your heart
Softly calling
Em              Cmaj7           Am9
Come 2 me u will see, just give in
2 this sweet temptation(E5,A5,E5,B5)

I awake, do a double take 2 see
Where it is that I lay-it could be
Day or night, I'm not quite sure
Your absence is a thorn
Your flesh, your skin
Is the only flag there is 2 believe in


I can love u like nobody else
Cuz I can love U like nobody else
Em     Em/B         Csus2
When u fall into me
                Dsus         Em
It feels so sweet, like dreaming
             G/B       C(add2)
Press yourself into me
       D7sus           Em
Let me feel your breathing
               G          Cmaj7
There's a voice in your heart 
Softly calling


I know it looks complicated because of all the chords, but this song is also pretty easy.


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