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I Belong With You

I Belong With You 
    by Jewel
        Transcribed by Kyle (

Capo 1
       EADGBe      Played at the end of each chorus
Em     022000        Am          C/B     (C slow Strum)    Em
D      x00232     e|-----------------------------0----------0--|
G      320033     B|-----1---------------------1------------0--|
Bm     x24432     G|---0---------------0-----0--------------0--|
Am     x02210     D|-2--------------0------2----------------2--|
Am7    x02013     A|--------------2------3------------------2--|
C      332010     E|----------------------------------------0--|
Dsus   x00233      "Coulds in the sky of blue i belong with you"

Em        D                  G        Em
Tonight i have the strangest feeling
Em        D                G         Em
look for answers on hotel ceilings
Em                      D
when did my heart first feel this way
       G                    Bm
being alone used to be just fine 
             D                       G
now life without you is just passing time

Em        D                 G
thought i heard you call my name
Em                 D              G
i reached for your hand it was in vein
Em                                D
when you're not here feels like a hole in my chest
    G                    Bm                Am
get dressed, look in the mirror say your gone
I'll never be the same

     G              Am
So i drive to you tonight
      Am7              C
I was blind now I have sight
            Em             Bm
I could not leave you even if i tried
           Am                 D/Dsus
your heart beats inside of me
       G                    Am
like a star in the dark of night
     Am7           C (Pluck in this order the e B D e B D e B D strings)
like birds lost in flight
(instructions above)
like clouds in the sky of blue
                     Em  D   G   
I belong with you

  (same as Verse 2)
i've been together but alone
i've made love without love being shown
i've seen sorrow in a pair of dice
all things that came in twos made me cry
until tonight

Em                D
can't stop, won't stop
love is what we got

know i reach the top
when i put my arms around you
Em                D
can't stop, won't stop
you are all i want


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