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Fragile Heart

Fragile Heart 
    by Jewel
        Transcribed by Kyle (

First of all, I think a banjo is playing the intro so i didn't really get the
exact finger picking for that.  So these are just the chords:

D     XX0232
A/C#  X42220
Em    022000
Em7   022030
A     X02220
Bm7   X24232
Em6   022020

Intro: D-A/C#-Em-Em7
D              A
If u want my heart 
Em            Em7                 D
U have 2 promise not 2 tear it apart
'Cause my heart 
Em           Em7
Has been hurt a lot
D              A
And it always seems
Em                Em7            D
Love is not sweet, like in dreams
Something falls through
Em                         Em7            D
But I don't want that 2 happen 2 me and u 

So be 
Em         Em7
Careful, warning
Fragile heart (repeat)

Last Saturday
We ate dinner at your parents' place
Last Saturday, u said
How u feel will not go away
Well, all the fishes in the sea
Could not be happier than me


Only fools believe that
Nothing changes, nothing leaves
But I need 2 believe that we at least
Will have some dignity
'Cause everything changes
Nothing stays the same
But that's no excuse 2 be casual

Or 2 place the blame

U have 2 be careful with me

-D-A-Em-Em7-  (repeat)


Listen to the song to get the rhythem, I think any strum pattern would work
pretty well for this, so have fun with it.


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