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Stranger Enter From The East

Stranger Enter From The East 
    by Jewel
        Tabbed by Katie McCurry (

Picking pattern is standard travis picking.
There are a few variations, but you can
pick it up pretty easily from hearing it.
Don't hit the 1st (high) string any 
except for the G in the bridge.  
You can hear it on the recording.  
Someone has the mediadome version on RA.
Sorry for the lack of details.

If 6 is the lowest string & 1 is the highest - it's like this:
"Pinch" 6&2 (play them at the same time) then 4,3,6,2,4
Obviously - 6 is just your base string & it would actually be 5 for C chords -
also - this is just fro this song- if you were playing all the strings - it
would be pinch base & 1, then 3,2, base, 1,3. 

I went out a-wandering
Beneath an unknown sky
The heavens all shook violently
You caught my eye

A strange fruit fell
And struck me to the core
My heart became a single flame
It wanted nothing more

C                       G   
Stranger, enter from the east
C                       G   
Stranger, step inside this place
G          Em                  G        
Oh,   And hold me..........hold me

The clock became a bullet hole
Cruel and unkind
It hurt me with its second hand
Alone another night

C                       G   
Stranger, enter from the east
C                       G   
Stranger, step inside this place

F   D               C
Blue.....Is that you?
                 C         G
Well, don't bother knocking on my door this time
F  D
Go be true for someone else
There's no room inside this heart of mine

      F                 G
My heart has four empty rooms
F                                        G
Three wait for lightning and one waits for you

I must have you all to myself
Feel the full weight of your skin
I'll hollow out my insides
To place you in

Stranger, enter from the east
Stranger, step inside this place
And hold me.......hold me
Hold me

At the end it just goes between Em & G through all the Oohs & Aahs :)
It ends on G


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