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Innocence Maintained

Innocence Maintained
    by Jewel Kilcher

Innocence Maintained:

Ophelia drowned in the water
Crushed by her own weight
Hitler loved the blue eyed boys           
and it drove him to hate                     
Birds always grow silent before the night descends
      D                                              G
Cause nature has a funny way of breaking what does not bend

I saw a man with a hole he could not fill
He couldn't make the world work for him and didn't work and still (??)
There was a hole inside his soul     (same as verse 1)
that whiskey could not stillSo he found himself a girl to love
while babies choked in the windowsill     

   D            C
We've made houses for hatred       
It's time we make a place where
   D        C            G
People's souls may be seen and made safe
    D            C             G
be careful with each other these fragile flames
  D         C                    D       C      G
Innocence can't be lost it just needs to be maintained

Bridge:  A  G  A  G  A  G  A  C

Tabbed by Summer Mulligan

This song is made up of a few different notes, as "Barcelona" is, and the 
takes some practice. Enjoy!

NOTES:     D-NC (D Non-Commital)             Cadd9                    Am/C
                  -----5-------                           -------3--------    
                  -----3-------                            ------3--------    
                  -----2-------                           ----------------    
                  -------------                            -------2-----      
                 -------------                            -------3--------    
                 -------------                          ----------------      

                    G                                     Am,C,Em, and D are 
              -------3--------                        The bridge is the same 
as the verses. D-NC,
              ----------------                         Cadd9, again, then add 
the G.

Intro:  Am, Am/C, C
             Am                                  Am/C                         
All the verse notes are fingerpicked EXACTLY like the intro, but D-NC uses 
the 4
highest strings, and Cadd9 uses the 2,4,5,&6 strings, same order. You'll 
figure it out.
Ophelia drowned in the water /Crushed by her own weight 
Hitler loved little blue-eyed boys /And it drove him to hate 
Birds always grow silent before the night descends /'Cause nature has a funny 
way of 
breaking what does not bend 
D-NC                                                             Cadd9
A hero's torso built of steel and Novocain /His heart a bitter beat i


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