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Per La Gloria D'Adorarvi

Per La Gloria D'Adorarvi
    As Performed by Jewel

Per la gloria d'adorarvi
voglio amarvi,
o luci care.
Amando penero,
ma sempre v'amerr,
sl, sl, nel mio penare,
luci care.

Senza speme di diletto
vano affetto
h sospirare,
ma i vostri dolci rai
chi vagheggiar pur mai
e non, e non v'amare?
luci care!


For the glory of adoring you
For the glory of adoring you
I want to love you,
O dear eyes [literally lights].
Loving I will suffer,
But always I will love you,
Yes, yes, in my suffering,
I will suffer,
I will love you,
Dear eyes.

Without hope of delight,
Vain affection
It is to sigh,
But your sweet rays
Who could ever gaze upon
And not, and not love you?
I will suffer,
I will love you,
Dear eyes!


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