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Run 2 U

Run 2 U
    by Jewel
        Transcribed by Kyle (

Hey little baby, little lover boy
Get in my arms, give me some joy
I wanna hold u tonight
It'll be alright
'Cause the night is long 
And I hunt for u 
In this darkest hour, 
Where have u gone 2? 
Won't u come 2 my side
I need u tonight 

Run 2 me, I'll run 2 u
Let me crash into u
Run 2 u, you'll run 2 me
I alone can love u
U belong 2 me 

I need u for dark reasons, dear
For greed and lust and seed and fear
For all the songs that I can hear when u are near
'Cause the places I've been, well I'm trying 2 forget
But the further I run, well, the further I get 
But with just one kiss, u know that it do not exist
So won't u dance for me beneath the street lamp's light 
With your arms stretched out, baby, drunk on wine 
U know it feels so good, like it should, just 2 laugh
I knew that it would 

La, la, la, close your eyes 
La, la, la, it's a lullaby 
U Belong 2 Me


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