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2 Find U

2 Find U 
    by Jewel
        Transcribed by Kyle (

If I asked u a question
Would u look me in the eyes?
Has our love been built on lies? 
Well, why I'm asking
U see, the time is now
2 turn our backs forever
Or work this through somehow
And I want 2 see u 
I want 2 feel new again

Hey, u
Do not walk away
Let's choose love, come on
What do u say?
Hey, u
Know that I would spend
My whole life all over again
2 find u

We've layered hurt on hurt
I've seen pain cloud your eyes
But we are bruised, not broken
Like a phoenix, love will rise 
And do u see me?
Do u feel new again?

Look in my eyes
Kiss my mouth hard
Let your conviction
Reassure my heart
Promise me now
I'll promise u, too
I love u


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