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Jesus Loves You

Jesus Loves You (But What About Me)
    by Jewel
        Transcribed by Scott (

They say that Jesus loves you
What about me
And they say that money breaks you
Well, I still wanna see
They say that you're only half-alive
Till you give extra whitening a try

Well I wanna see
I wanna see
What can you do for me

Showin' ta-ta's on the tv is ok
I wanna be ok too
And having my picture in a magazine makes me special
How special are you
They say if i don't hate
Even I can buy a space in heaven before i die

Well I wanna see
I wanna see
What can you do for me

I want someone else to pack my lunch
Gonna get someone else to pull the punch
Oh, pay a psychic for romance
Gonna pay a priest for a will-you-give-me-a-second-chance?
They say abortion will send you straight to a fiery hell
That is if the fanatics don't beat Satan to the kill
It's not what i can do for anybody
It's what their body can do for me

So I wanna see
I wanna see
What can you do for me

They say that Jesus loves you
But what about me


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