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Weeping Tree

Weeping Tree 
    by Jewel Kilcher
        Transcribed by Mike Gray

Don't cry pretty girl
Do as you're told to
Don't (???) memories just because it hurts you
There's a stranger's sillhouette
Had it's way with you
Because it wanted to

Don't worry
Ain't damaged (???) yet
Don't let it haunt you
Just stand out in the rain
Until you're made whole again
The (???) under the moon
Weeping tree
Under the weeping tree
Underneath the starry sky
You're just a stranger

Tut tut, shh
Ain't it embarassing
To be yesterday's lover
To stand out in the rain
Until you're made whole again
(???) you'll see
Under the weeping tree
Under the weeping tree


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