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Marital Carnival

Marital Carnival
    by Jewel Kilcher

You come home, you look kind of frantic
Too bad cause I feel romantic
I know you're stressed out again
Tonight - I guess - that we're just friends again
You know I'm really not the type to compete
I hope your meetings were filled with lots of good 'meet'
And your appointments have lots of good 'ointments'
To soothe what you could never could satisfy

*** CHORUS ***
Cause I don't care like I did a minute ago
I tried to love you but it was just too stressful
It's like leaving your boots on when you go swimming
And I never will fight for what doesn't want winning

You wake up - I'm doing cartwheels
You're grumpy
Said, "Try some how I feel"
"I'm happy" just wasn't no fun
It's hard enough just waking up next to one
You know if you were oatmeal - you'd just look for lumps
If you were sweet I'd call you sugarbumps
If you were the sunshine you'd say I was <pain?>
Well I am tired of this capricious game

*** Chorus

A Marital Carnival
A Marital Carnival
A Marital Carnival
I want to get off...

Sweetheart, I'm gonna find myself a ride
One that doesn't bring me down this time
One that isn't always on the run
One that can have good old fashioned fun
Cause you know my purpose in life is nothing more
Is then to simply be adored
I'm just like a special chocolate treat
I ain't no piece of leftover hot dogs...

*** Chorus ***

I never will fight for
I never will fight for
I never will fight for what doesn't want to win 


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