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Fragile Heart (aka Low Calorie Song)

Fragile Heart (aka Low Calorie Song)
    by Jewel Kilcher

You better take your watch off
When around large machinery
You better hide your wallet
If you plan to sleep with theives
Don't forget your bullet-proof vest
The next time you pick a fight with a guard
And if you work with unstable objects
Wear a hat that's hard

It's simple tips like these
That keep you safe from injuries
The surgeon general should do his part:
Warning, beware, be careful - Fragile Heart

Take out your contact lenses
If you drive through a dust storm
Look both ways before crossing
The freeway of any legal form
Take off your antique jewelry
The next time you jump into a chlorinated pool
And don't forget, build a fence around your heart
The next time you give it to a fool


Take your socks off the heater, man
You know they're gonna get burned
Don't lend out your favourite pair of pliers
Unless you're sure they'll get returned
You would not give a shiny medal 
To someone who don't work for it
So do not give of yourself
To one who won't adore it



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