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    by Jewel Kilcher

Woke up to find
I lost my mind
Lost heart, lost nerve
I lost my favourite word -

I take my cigarettes
I give 'em a smoke
Oh god
My heart feels froze
I've lost something it seems
I've misplaced my favourite thing -

Where does love go
If it can't find a home
One moment here then gone
With no forwarding address
Love no longer has a house
Or residence in flesh
Take the keys
I get in the car
To out run this
man I'd have to go real far
Where mercy wears lace
And bottles are thieves
Which of these took you from me?

I face myself
But there's this draft inside
Parts of me drowned
In perpetual tide
I wanna call names
I wanna throw things around
But no bar can buy
Forgiveness another round for

I go to the bedroom
Turn on the light
It's like an empty altar
No angel in sight
religion with no temple
No place to take my worship to
No god for my eyes to see
No fruit to lay at the feet of


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