Vanessa M. Pattie

Vanessa M. Pattie
Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A

Yahoo! Name

I was born on Friday, March 19, 1971 which makes me Pisces.
I am a female with Multi-Colored hair and Blue eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in April, 2004

My Jewel Story:
It was in 1997 , I bouht something from Maceys and a gift W/Purshase CKlien CD had her song Sinsetive , I wanted to hear more!
If there's any possible way she could contact me I'd greatly appreciate it. I was wondering where did she atend 7th-8th grade in 1995?


When I was a very young child

A horrible thing happened to a little girl,

And her grandma later on in that day

I have no understanding as to why

The thought still lingers; fresh in my mind

Early in the day I knocked on her door

And asked her mom, if she could come out and play

She was upset, raising her voice saying No!

But the young child begged! Her Mom said okay

Just don’t get dirty, that’s all that was said!

We played for sometime, so many different things we played

We’d get bored, and then move on to the next game

The last fun time she’d have, would be with me

Making mud-pies, outside the pool area in the grass!

I remember her mom walking towards us, screaming so loud!

I thought I told you! Look what you’ve done! And your clothes; ruined!

You’ve done it this time!

I didn’t know what she’d done

We where just two little girl, having some fun!

I said to her; I will see you tomorrow and we can play!

But for this dear child,

Today would be her last day, to ever play!

The sounds of sirens filled the air and the bright lights came from the news team, Which outside they where there!

She had killed them; one by one!

For one was her own child and

Her the child of the other!

What did they do to you to deserve,

This horrid thing unto them; you’ve done!

This question still remains fresh and new in my mind!

I still have no understanding as to why!

Vanessa Michelle Pattie

Copyright © 2004 Vanessa Michelle Pattie.

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