I was born on Sunday, December 15, 1985 which makes me a 33 year old Sagittarius.
I am a male with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

My Jewel Story:
I was watching TV on evening, i watched Stefan Raabs show called TVTotal and I have to say this show was going to make me sick a little bit, It wasn't the same then a few years ago. But this evening, he had a very special guest i found out. It was Jewel, I saw her for the first time there. I thought shes very nice and beautyful but then I heard her sing her new single "Standing Still" and I loved this song for the first time. I got online after the show to download the video to this very very nice song. I watched this video every day and got some other songs of her. first I didn't like everyone of it but then I began to love all of them. Now I've bought all of her albums and got much other songs, too and there isn't any song I don't like, this is the very best music for me I love Jewel and all of her songs, her lyrics and stories, too.

May Jewel make music forever!
nice site

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