~Patricia :-)

Long Island, NY

MSN Name BulldogsPattyMelt
Yahoo! Name PatriChicken
AIM Name Perterter

I was born on Sunday, August 09, 1981 which makes me a 37 year old Leo.
I am a female with Blonde hair and Brown eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in March, 2000

My Jewel Story:
I have been a fan since POY, but didn't get to see her in concert until later...

I saw her at Jones Beach, July 1999

And then in Central Park, July 2001

And again at Jones Beach, June 2002
Jewel is awesome, and I wish I could afford to see her in concert lots more! She seems to have a song for every one of my moods, and can always make me feel better. Not many celebrities are "real" and I am so glad I found one who also happens to be a talented singer, poet, and songwriter, as well as a wonderful performer. Thank you, Jewel ... for everything.

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