Amanda SHarp
Cincinnati Ohio United States

MSN Name JewelyBug
Yahoo! Name JewelyBug
AIM Name JewelyBug02

I was born on Tuesday, July 27, 1982 which makes me a 36 year old Leo.
I am a female with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in August, 1999

My Jewel Story:
I do not remember the exact moment when i first found out about Jewel, but i do know it was back in 1996. I do remember begging my boyfriend to buy the cd for me for christmas that year :o) and have listened to her ever since. I recently sang "Hands" at my high school graduation ceremony, and a memorial service for 2 teenagers killed in my school district.
I just started making my web page, and it is really absolutly nothing to look at, but hopfully I can spruce it up a lil' and make it worth traveling too. Enjoy the Music :o)

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