Jason Vierling
Lake Elsinore CA

MSN Name Edarunsun
Yahoo! Name Edarunsun
AIM Name Arnsun

I was born on Sunday, November 25, 1973 which makes me Sagittarius.
I am a male with Blonde hair and Blue eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in November, 1996

My Jewel Story:
I had the good fortune to wander in on one of her earliest shows at what must have been the InnerChange. I was taken there on a lark( I hated coffe shops) while visiting my friend and I was entranced right away. Iwouldn't leave.He finally drug me off, but not until I had left what little money I had with this too skinny, wondrous beauty. As I live outside of San Diego County, I thought that voice lost to me until I heard her first single on the faintest San Diego Station we recieve. I've been in heaven ever since.
Visit www.edaf.org and get inspired to do some good. Check out Jason Mraz, Greg Page, Randi Driscoll, and Lisa Sanders (just add a .com)...do it now!! There WILL be a quiz later...

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