Tyler Joseph Cusick
Fargo, ND

I am a female.

I joined the EDA mailing list in August, 2001

My Jewel Story:
She has ever dwelled in my heart, and, seeing her when she exploded onto the scene I felt as if surely it would burst. What glamour, beauty. I could not wish for a more beautiful

lady, nor a finer humanitarian. Goddess...its torture exquisite to hear her, see her ex personae. Her terrible beauty is surely meant to drive all who know her to the most sanctitudious reverence. An addiction for certain, is inevetable for all who understand the minute subtlties of her soul. (I miss you so, darling)
Jewel III

Such beautious form

as to cater the eye

with a thousand colored vestiges

like a sunset prismatic

an evening chromatic

with pinpricks of light

expansively attributed

to the soft pinnacle of desire

Akin to all things of universal

and, therefore, miniscule appeal

Your form breathes life

into the flesh of lightnings delight

it is as a dream

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