Erin-Lauree Foudray Cahoon

I was born on Sunday, October 16, 1983 which makes me a 35 year old Libra.
I am a female with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

My Jewel Story:
I heard her song "who will save your soul" on the radio, and it just stuck with me. I kept the radio on for about a week hoping that the dj would mention the wonderful singer of that song. When he finally did, i asked my friends if the they knew anything about Jewel. Their response was,"Of course, don't you have her cd yet?" My mother had a cd player, but we didn't have very much extra money, so a cd was considered a luxury. My friends let me borrow her cd and i fell in love with Jewel's creativity, style, music, lyrics and the sense of honesty that comes through in her songs. I don't have internet access at home, but i use the public library. Jewel's work has inspired me to begin a bit of song writing myself, and i am thankful.

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