Cambride Ontario Canada

I was born on Tuesday, June 8, 1982 which makes me a 36 year old Gemini.
I am a female with Red hair and Red eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in January, 2000

My Jewel Story:
listening to the radio with my big sis, and we just started singing along to the tune.. picked up a guitar figured the tabs, and a love of jewel was formed...
without knowing it, jewel is the best inspiration i have other than my sis.... in a knight without armor, she wrote "not all poetry lends itself to music, some words need only to be sung against the silence." this is what helps me when i am stuck, its like she is an angel on my shoulder, giving me a gentle push.. and all i can say is thanks for hte pushes.. even if she doesnt know it.

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