Sandra Alaniz

Sandra Lourdes Alaniz
San Diego/San Ysidro, California

I was born on Thursday, October 08, 1981 which makes me a 37 year old Libra.
I am a female with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

My Jewel Story:
I found out about Jewel while reading a Teen magazine. I am from San Diego California as well. And when I found out that that's where she's from, that's when I really started to listen to her. She writes my kinda music, and as well writes about my kinda poetry. Jewel also knows my boyfriend Billy Rattler, whom she sang with in the recording studio before she got her big break. Billy say hi Jewel. I went to her concert here in Chula Vista in June. I loved it. I want to see her again sometime. I would also like to read some of my poetry with her someday. I would like to meet you someday as well. I also write songs. But unfortunatly, I can't sing them. But I model... Anywase, I love Jewel's book and music. And I am going to watch her movie when it comes out. I also have both her cds and I know them all by heart. I can't wait 'till the other one comes out. I know it's going to be just as great, or maybe even better. Keep up the good work Jewel. Out thoughts and prayers are with you. I love you Jewel. Please get mack to me if possible. Thankx a lot.

Love Always

A #1 fan of Jewel,

Sandra Alaniz from San Diego Cali.

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