Chopped Liver

Charlie Watkins
Florence, Montana USA

I was born on Wednesday, October 25, 1950 which makes me Scorpio.
I am a male with Blonde hair and Blue eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in January, 1996

My Jewel Story:
Ok, so I'm looking through my dauthger's Seventeen 'zeen 'cause I like to keep up on what she's into, and I see this article on Jewel. Well, I'm immediately interested 'casus I know a Jewel(l) from Alaska. So I read the article and 'cause I'm totally into the web n stuff I look around for more info on Jewel. I find Colin's page and it points me to some sound clips. I listen to YWMFM and when she sings "dreams last so long, eeeeven after your gone" my heat just breaks. So I find the mail list, subscribe and live happily ever after. Yeah.
One day I'll meet some of you and it'll all be OK because of the beauty and strenght inside each one of us, which Jewel has helped us find. See, I really don't talk like a ditz.

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