Jenny K.
La Costa, CA, USA

I was born on Thursday, February 24, 1983 which makes me a 35 year old Pisces.
I am a female with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in July, 1998

-my angel name was Sugar High Angel, then I added the Kookybaka to the front of that, then I changed it altogether, then I took off the kookybaka- ok, the point is, my angel name is Falling Star Angel
-Jen is my bestest EDA bud- wassup Jen?
-Wanna know something cool? I live about ten minutes away from Jewel...oooh, I can FEEL the jealousy...j/k...but seriously, I do! I feel priveleged :)
-I went to the Cula Vista show June 26th! It was the best night of my life...even though the guards called the cops on me because I refused to leave until I met my Poltzie and he autographed my CD. Ok, the cops just kicked me out, but I've got the memories!
-Steve Poltz is such a cool dude, I swear...I LOVE YOU POLTZIE!!! Every Monday night I call into this radio show that plays local music, and request Stevie.
-That pic is from, no, I don't normally wear a ball gown to the grocery store :) Hey, it was the only pic where I actually look slightly photogenic!
-you can usually find me at Jason Mraz's shows, because he is my new favorite musician- sorry, Jewel and Steve. I'm sure they'll understand.
-OK, I'm done. Betcha thought the craziness would never end!

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