daVid *tEEheeheE

daVid aRmeNTa
denVer CO US

I was born on Monday, July 31, 1978 which makes me Leo.
I am a male with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

My Jewel Story:
what in the world!!?!?? how did I find out about jeWel?!?! how culd anyone not she is so angelic and beautiful!!! I know I heard her song on the radio and weLL, with the amazing voice I was hooked on wanting to play on my radio 24/7!! it was such a great dayY for me on march 23 97 I went to see her in concert and the paramount theatre in denVer co.. and after her concert I decided to wait for her to try and meet her!! to my dismay the security wasn't to haPPy about that and tried to force us to leave<< and as we were leaving she came out and asked us to stay cuz she wuld love to meet her fans!! also I wrote a peom and it was my dream for her to just recieve it and read it!! oh yeaH!! I gotta take a picture with her too which was a dream I swear!! *if I didn't have the photo on my waLL I stilL wuldn't believe it^^ but anyways as I watched her drive away I swore I saw her reading it and that nite went to bed with the biGGest smile one my face!!! just wanna saYYyy thanK your jewel just for weLL being jewel you know and anywaYs I will stop baBBling now
oh you want me to type more about it cuz I can foR hours and hourS!! I will just leave it short and simple....hehehe I dunno what to saYy cept I luvE the girl and she hassSs the most amazing voice in the world or any divine universe!! do you thinKKk angels are jealous of her song so lovely sung!!

daVid ;O)

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