Michael Hunt

Michael Hunt
Ogden, Utah

IRC Nick Michangelo

I am a male with Blonde hair and Green eyes.

My Jewel Story:
Listening to her songs on the Airwaves, and reading her poetry and serving in Alaska in the Service.
Dear Jewel, Thank you for your great Poetry, Music and the excellent "Spirit" album! You have given joyful new Life and wings to the hopes and dreams for a better and more fulfilling life to literally millions of God's Children here on Earth! Here is a true Angel Story to add to your Yearbook; Our family was living in Sunnyvale, California and I was seven, when we took a weekend vacation to Lake Tahoe, Nevada.I drowned in the deep water side of the pool,an actual Angel appeared to me and said I couldn't die yet, the Angel was telepathic and wore shining white clothes.I'll never forget the Peace and Happiness I felt and absolutely no fear! I want to be one of your Everyday Angel's and I later worked a two-year mission for Christ in California at my own expense to show my faith and appreciation for God saving my life that day. I still have No Fear, and I pray for You every day.Keep up the good work! Love,Your new E.D.A...Michael Hunt. P.S. I also had help from Angels when I was a missionary and witnessed some real miracles! God Bless! Love and Best Wishes, I'm Single...

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