Michael Epperson

Michael Epperson


I was born on Tuesday, May 21, 1968 which makes me Gemini.
I am a male with Blonde hair and Green eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in February, 1999

My Jewel Story:
Listening to her beautiful and meaningful songs on the air waves.
Dear Jewel, Your Poetry is of Heaven on the cassette I bought at the Ogden City Mall at the bookstore. It makes my heart overflow and I cried a couple of times.I wish I could say to you heart to Spirit...LOVE AND THANK YOU\ me=6'0tall, 167lbs Athletic Missionary Service in the California Sacremento Mission. I have Geneology Research on the Kilcher Family in Switzerland to send to you. It is one of my Hobbies. I am a descendant of Robert Bruce {BraveHeart].'

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