The Poetic Angel


IRC Nick The Poetic Angel

I was born on Wednesday, June 22, 1983 which makes me a 35 year old Cancer.
I am a female with Brown hair and Green eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in August, 1998

My Jewel Story:
About 3 years ago, I got her CD, and I listened to POY, but I never really LISTENED to it. About a year or so later, I put it back in my CD player, and I was obsessed. Now, I listen to Spirit about 6 times straight in a row, at least once a day :)
Jewel is definately an inspiration for me and a lot of other people. She makes it clear she doesn't want to be someone's idol, but just someone who helps people along the way. Because of this, I'm positive she's an angel, helping others get their wings :)

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