Dancing Angel

Sarah Elizabeth
Milwaukie OR

I was born on Monday, July 05, 1982 which makes me a 36 year old Cancer.
I am a female with Red hair and Green eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in September, 1997

My Jewel Story:
My good Friend Angela (angie) Was listening to it on Her CD walkmen onday at lunch and she said here listen to this and I heard Little sister and I said wow then I heard Angel standing by and I fell in love I bought the CD thata night. My mom liked it too. I listened to all the songs day and night and memorized them and the poems in the CD case. I was reading a mag one day a year later and I saw a short blurb on The EDA's and the mailing adress so as soon as we bought AOL i signed up!!! I have managed to cover a wall in pics of Jewel and my binder!!!
Jewel is a powerful woman. I mean that because her voice mezmorizes me And her Poems make me think and smile. Jewel is responsible for my Love of poetry and The collection of poems I wrote. She changed me through her music I am truly a different person because I have learned to stop and think and write poems.

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