people call me MOO13..(in the chat rooms

Missouri ('bout an hours drive from ST.

I was born on Friday, June 14, 1985 which makes me a 33 year old Gemini.
I am a female with Blonde hair and Blue eyes.

My Jewel Story:
Well...the truth is i use to work out a lot in the summer...I had the radio on and i heard this awesome song called "Who will save your soul" and i was like so inspiried by her I started looking for her on the net. and here i am.
I may just be a 12 yr old girl (13 'N' June) but I know a good singer when i hear one...and Jewel well Jewel is like da Bomb...She totally inspired me to get a guitar. I really wanna be a singer and i practice her songs..(sometimes i catch myself standing on my bed singing to her songs with a microphone in my hand) my Karioki helps a lot in these (laugh out loud) My friends say i sing like Jewel and i guess that inspires me even more. ok Jewel if ur out there somewhere i have to ask you to come to Kansas. N*E*WAY...(off the subject) my some things about me 'R'I have 4 brothers 1 sis. but she moved out to Oklahoma. I love art & music..(guys at my school say i look like Alicia Silverstone...guys will say anything keep that in mind) I learned that from experience. Most guys jus' wanna use you. I did play violin for a year..(5th grade) I was so boring!! Well peoples i guess i better go..I bet your looking like a zombie right now...(ur eyes open...ur head still jus' lookin' at the screen) lol C*U*LATER..POOFERS (it's my way of saying BYE)

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