Chris Storm

Chris Storm
38 Round Hill Road, Northampton, MA 0106

I am a female.

I joined the EDA mailing list in September, 1996

My Jewel Story:
A friend of mine told me she thought I'd like the album. I trusted
her, I bought it, and I loved it!
Jewel's voice is amazing, and her songs are so beautiful. I have
fallen asleep listening to her on my headphones on so many nights;
it's like a lullaby. I think it's great that you guys have put
together the mailing list and this yearbook. It's nice to know that
there are so many others out there who appreciate true musical talent.
Anyone who wishes to E-mail me or write to me about anything at all,
Jewel or not, feel free. I would love to hear from you and talk about
whatever's on your mind. Thanks a lot. Chris

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