Jennifer Duggan
Orlando, Florida

I am a female.

I joined the EDA mailing list in February, 1996

My Jewel Story:
I saw Jewel on VH-1 Crossroads which I had intended to watch because Sophie B. Hawkins was on. (She has since become my 2nd favorite singer- I wonder why?!?!?!?) WhenI heard Jewel first open her mouth she had such an angelic voice and I was hooked. I got her CD the day after Christmas and I think it was the best present I got. Sorry mom! (I actually went back in the store after debating whether or not to get it- but mom was paying, so i got it!) I LOVE IT!!!
I travelled all the way from Gainesville to see Jewel at the Club at Firestone(Orlando) in May. She was AMAZING!!! Now, when I move to Orlando (where ALL the concerts are supposed to be) she gives one in Gainesville. But, don't worry, I'll be there for my SECOND Jewl experience!!! :)

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