Chris Braniff
Derby Kansas

I was born on Wednesday, October 11, 1978 which makes me Libra.
I am a male with Black hair and Multi-Colored eyes.

My Jewel Story:
At first I admit that I was watching wwsys just to
see jewel but then i actually listened to the lyrics
and i started to understand what jewel was all about.
After the release of ywmfm i decided that i must go
buy her cd. when i sat down and listened to the whole
cd one song actually moved me. when I first listened to
the song PoY I realy looked at the way that i used to
treat people and felt quite ashamed of my self. I still
tell people about this and tey can't believe that
a song could move me so but all I have to say is
mabye you should give her a listen to see what she says
to you.
I realy wish jewel would come to Kansas I mean come
on she did play dorothy. I also wish she would get
around to releasing her new cd. One can only listen
to PoY so many times. Im scared i'm gonna get tired
of it.

I doubt it.

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