Jeff Smith
Brookline, MA

I was born on Monday, November 19, 1962 which makes me Scorpio.
I am a male with Brown eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in March, 1995 and I attended JewelStock '96!

My Jewel Story:
I read a small advance article in the Boston Globe just about the
same time that the Ecto and Milla lists started discussing her.
I was smart (or lucky) enough to see her when she was doing her
residency tour in Feb. 1995. I was blown away and bought the CD when
it came out. It's constantly grown on me and after JewelStock, I'm
just totally obsessed.
The Jewel mailing list is definitely the best "community" I'm group
I'm involved with online. Sure wish I was able to meet more people
at JewelStock, but I'm really looking forward to the mini reunion
at the NH show in August!

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