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Robby Fischer

I was born on Friday, June 27, 1980 which makes me a 38 year old Cancer.
I am a male with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

My Jewel Story:
Having been a movie buff for a long as I can remember
I never followed music much, if at all. I'm a late comer to the Jewel
scene because I saw her on the '97 Video Music Awards on MTV.
I didnt pay much attention to her live performance(saddly), but I did catch clips of
YWMFM during the award presentations. Her voice and choice of subject grabbed my attention and
I wanted to hear more music from her. A little while later her video for "Foolish Games" came out
and then it was set in my mind,"I've got to get her CD." I went out and bought and soon as possible
and have been a Jewel ever since.
Well, like I said earlier I didnt follow music to much, so its was rare for a song to take and hold me like Jewel's songs do. Having become a fan of her's I've put the movie industry on hold and started to follow music. Songs like "You Were Meant For Me" and "Foolish Games" grab me and wont let go(not that thats a bad thing), hey, when eill Jewel be coming down here? I havent got to see her live and would take every oppertunity to see her. Some people have all the luck. For all you reading this, you can mark my words, I'll meet here, because if you want it back enough you can make it happen. ;-)

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