James McGarry
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

IRC Nick James/Olorin

I am a male with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in May, 1995

My Jewel Story:
Oddly, remember this is early 1995, one of the local stations (CFNY
102.1) was playing WWSYS in moderate rotation and I found I liked it
quite a bit. Now, Jewel happened to be doing a quick tour across
Southern Ontario, so I first saw her at one of my most hallowed and
favourite venues, the Albion Hotel, front row centre where front row
centre was the table AT the stage. Anyway this little blonde kid (Ms.
Kilcher), just poured her heart out and I was hooked.
About this time ( a week or so before) someone commented in
rec.music.female about Jewel and I posted. As a result, I got some
e-mail from this Steve Ito guy from nearby (in Canadian terms, um 3.5
hours away from Guelph) Kingston, Ontario, who mentioned the Jewel
list. Two nights later after the Guelph gig was the now-famous
Bathurst Street Theatre gig. A moderately sized venue, but during
songs you could've heard a pin drop on stage it was so quiet. I think
it was at this point that Jewel fell in love with Toronto.
Opera House gig later in the year, I'm supposed to meet up with
Steve, Dan, Andrew and a few others, but I managed to confuse the
instructions and miss them. And the bunch of us don't actually meet
until a Tori Amos show. I think I didn't actually meet Dan until
the Jewel/Oasis/Neil Young thing at Molson Park in Barrie, Ontario
the next year.
So that's how I found out about Jewel and met some really cool
people who are now good friends.
I've meant to put up a listing here for, well um, years, I also
managed to miss Jewelstock (don't ask) so this is typical of me.
Thanks to Gerrit for creating this site and giving up the resources
to keep it up and manage it!

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