Dave Winters
Derry, NH

I am a female.

I joined the EDA mailing list in May, 1996 and I attended JewelStock '96!

My Jewel Story:
I first heard Jewel the summer of '95. I was building a wall in my basemet, pounding my fingers more than nails.
She was WBCN's studio in Boston, LIVE! The first thing I heard was Jewel explaing how she carries that tupperware container around with dirt from home.
She then played, what is still my favorite Jewel song, Race Car Driver. I was an instant fan tirelessly searching for her new album (POY). Finally I found it at Newberry Comics in Boston.
ALL my friends love her music, if not at first I make em!
I've seen Jewel at jewelstock, Hampton Beach, and next week with Neal Young at Greatwoods.
I'm a freshman at Emerson College.

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