Roy Perez
South Florida

IRC Nick StuporFly

I was born on Sunday, December 08, 1901 which makes me Sagittarius.
I am a male with Brown hair.

My Jewel Story:
What i said:
I heard Who Will Save Your Soul on the local college station and loved it, bought the album. Before i knew it, she was on VH1 WAY too often. But it was nice to fall in love with Foolish Games before the rest of the world did :)
What Lea S. A. Biznitch said:
My great friend Lea. I love Lea. man I obsess over her.
IN fact.. forget Jewel.. IT's LEA MAN. shes whats hot.
What i said:
I thikn they should loosen up on radio play. And i have no idea what an EDA is.
What Lea S. A. Biznitch said:
Yeah my ass itches.

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