Ken Winchenbach

Ken Winchenbach
Newburyport, MA

I was born on Sunday, November 10, 1974 which makes me Scorpio.
I am a male with Brown hair and Blue eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in September, 1995 and I attended JewelStock '96!

My Jewel Story:
I read a review of one of Jewel's stays at a folk club in Boston. I had neverheard her music, but she sounded interesting, so I bought the album. I was addicted to it, but assumed that no one else knew about her. When I found the mailing list, my fanaticism reached new lands.
To me, Jewel is a young Bob Dylan. Her career is only a few years old, and I'm looking forward to they type of artistic growth that Dylan had in his 35 year career.

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