Steve I

Steve I
Toronto, ON, Canada

IRC Nick BarbaPapa

I am a male with Black hair and Brown eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in March, 1995 and I attended JewelStock '96!

My Jewel Story:
On the ecto mailing list, Neal Copperman and Jeff Hanson kept
raving about this local San Diego singer/songwriter named Jewel
Kilcher. So when a series of residency tours were announced
that included Toronto, I dragged some friends out to what was
possibly Jewel's first ever show in Canada, at the intimate
C'est What in Toronto. We were late and when we came in, Jewel
was tuning her guitar. She smiled at us and waved and said "Hi,
what's your name?" That's right, the first words I ever heard
Jewel utter were not from any song on a CD or the radio, or
live show... they were a personal greeting to ME! So I replied
and she said to the audience "Everyone say, 'Hi, Steve!'".

Anyway her show was incredible and I was hooked for life.
I wish I'd met more of you folks at Jewelstock!

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