Overland Park, KS, USA

I was born on Tuesday, March 9, 1982 which makes me a 37 year old Pisces.
I am a female with Blonde hair and Blue eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in March, 1997

My Jewel Story:
I heard WWSYS on the radio about 5 times a day and LOVED it. Then, a friend and I each had the CD, and played it everyday.....we had a new favorite song just about everyday by her (right now mine's Morning Song on POY). I've loved and admired her for about a year now, not long I know.....but's she's so awesome. In March, I was lucky enough to attend her "Tiny Lights tour" with a few friends...along with you Samantha Well, that's about all!!xoxoErniexoxo
"Maybe if we are surrounded in Beauty, someday we will become what we see....if anyone can start a's harder yet to disreguard it...I'd rather see the world from another angle...We are everyday angels, be careful with me, cause I'd like to stay that way."

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