Disco dave

Des Moines Iowa

I am a female.

I joined the EDA mailing list in July, 1996

My Jewel Story:
i first saw jewel, as a 19 year old in CA, when i passed thru a coffe shop and saw all these people in the place.
i walked in stood next to the door until the song ended. And then after the song ended, she paused and said.
"theres a seat up here if you aren't timid" even as timid as i was, i made my way up there. it was exrememly
hot and uncomfortable in there, but after the next song i didnt mind, the music was so beautiful and her voice
made me forget where i was supposed to be. after she fisnished the show, which i had been there about 2 hours,
she ran to the door and said goodbye to the 50 or so that was there in this small shop. i tried my best to be the last
one out the door, so i could talk more, but there were a few more avid fans ( i didnt know who she was) i just told
her that her voice was even more beautiful then her eyes and smile, and that was remarkable. i wished her
everything, and finally let go of her hand and left the shop. then in Febuary, i heard jewel's name mentioned,
and was wondering if that was the same person. this was right after she played here in des moines iowa, and i
missed it. dissapointed as i was, i found out she had a major-label cd out, and i bought it.
i am finally catching up to my jewel knowledge, and finding out all the stuff i missed.
sad, but when you live in a place like iowa, you need others to tell you whats going on.
when i saw her in CA in the early shows, someone actually asked if i was her brother.
with my blonde hair, and green eyes. i told them "have you ever heard me sing?"
that is the big difference!

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