Christopher Rieger
Utica, KY

IRC Nick Robin

I was born on Sunday, November 19, 1978 which makes me a 39 year old Scorpio.
I am a male with Brown hair and Green eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in March, 1997

My Jewel Story:
My first encounter with Jewel was purely by chance. I got my usual BMG catalog in the mail and on the very first page was this Cd advertised by a girl of whom I had never heard. But something about her picture seemed..... different. I was compelled to order is by some odd feeling. Time had shown to me that I need to trust those feelings far more often. After listening to it for the hundredth time, I started looking for more information on this absolutely wonderful artist. And that is how I found the wonderful people here.
If I had an alignment, it would have to be Chaotic Good. I am a well-read person who actively seeks the truth. Perhaps that is why I find so much solace in the music of our angel. As a self-avowed guardian of the truth, I make it my goal in life to bring order to the chaos which surrounds us and assist others in rising to their potentials. Henceforth, I strive to insure that the truth is not merely learned, but fully understood and placed into action.

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