Stephanie Kartalopoulos
Lancaster, PA & Clinton, NJ

IRC Nick StephPoet

I was born on Sunday, June 12, 1977 which makes me Gemini.
I am a female with Brown hair and Brown eyes.

My Jewel Story:
I had heard "Who Will Save Your Soul" and "You Were Meant for Me" a few times on the radio and had seen the videos for both songs a few times on TV, and I really thought "Hmm, I want to buy that album. She's really good." Finally, in the beginning of January, I found myself with enough money at one time to buy a CD (which, for me, is a rarity, as I have learned all too well to get by for a week on $4). I ran out to buy PoY and popped it into my CD player later that evening. Immediately, I fell in love with her lyrics, messages, and vocal & musical talents and fell deeper and deeper in love with PoY with each song that played. I must have been cleaning my dorm room or something; all I remember was that I was not sitting on my bed at the time. Then, "I'm Sensative" began. I heard the first lyrics, "I was thinking that I might fly today just to disprove all the things that you'd say" and tears started to stream down my face. I found standing a hard thing to do, and I just sat down on my bed, listening to the song, tears rushing down my face. By the time the song was over I was bawling my eyes out. I just sat there repeatedly listening to the song, clutching the CD booklet in my hand and reading the lyrics. I thought I was reading and re-reading the lyrics forever, but it was only like an hour or so. I kept on saying, "This is my life. This is my life. God, this is my life. 'I have a theory that if we're told we're bad then that's the only idea I think we'll ever have.' Mom, did you hear that? This is my life. Dad, did you hear that? This is my life. Oh God, this is my life." By that point I was crying so much that I began to hyproventilate. I joined the list two or three days later.
I think I should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most ticklish person in the whole world.

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