Karl M Fields

Karl M Fields
Orlando, FL

I am a female.

I joined the EDA mailing list in May, 1996 and I attended JewelStock '96!

My Jewel Story:
I was watching VH1, early one morning, when I was delighted by the
WWSYS video. I was so awestruck that I forgot to check the bottom
lefthand corner to see who it was. Four hours later the video came
on MTV. I had a pencil and paper handy.

I did a internet search, and was surprised by how much info I found.
I was very impressed with what I read. A week later I bought my first
(ever) CD. I saw a list of tour dates, and was all set to drive to
Tampa, when I scrolled down and saw that there would be a show in
Orlando. I couldn't believe it. The next week I saw the magnificent
Miss Kilcher (sounds like a magician), at The Club at Firestone.

The next day I joined the mailing list, and I have been a different
person ever since. (I twitch from monitor radiation overexposure.)
I dropped my summer classes to go to JewelStock, baby!
(Don't tell my Dad that was the reason.)

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