Just Angel:(

Angel Lanza
Clearwater, Florida

I was born on Sunday, April 11, 1982 which makes me a 36 year old Aries.
I am a female with Multi-Colored hair and Brown eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in January, 1997

My Jewel Story:
Well I had seen her on MTV and she had done a concert on Clearwater Beach
where I live(which I didn't go to cause I didn't really like her, BIG
MISTAKE!!!!!). Then on a rainy, dull day I was listening to the radio
and YWMFM came on. It was such a great song and I just loved her voice.
I play the guitar and sing also and she was just so great and now she is my role
model. Her philosophies are great also!
Thanks for letting me be in this great EDA family. Luv you guys!I Oh yeah
I really loath the Spice Girls!!!!!!(sorry for anyone who likes them:(

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