Bill Headley
King of Prussia, PA

I am a female.

I joined the EDA mailing list in February, 1996

My Jewel Story:
I first heard Jewel on a CD from CMJ Magazine (a great monthly
magazine that I would recommend for everyone) in the summer of '95.
Then, I started to read articles about her later in the year. I
bought her CD in November of '95 and found a used copy of the promo
CD Save the Linoleum later that year. I finally got an e-mail account
at work this year and have been an avid "lurker" to this list
ever since.
I wish I had been able to attend Jewelstock, maybe next time. I really
enjoy reading what everyone has to say and hearing comments directly
from Jewel through Hiranya. I hope you all don't mind that I don't
say much. Feel free to send me e-mail outside the list though...

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